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Executive Coaching by Dan McNamara

Daniel F. McNamara, Chairman and CEO remains active in a wide variety of businesses. Rising from the bottom of

a Fortune 500 company, his breadth of experience includes a wide range gained from his rise to CEO of a multi-

billion dollar company. Industries include automotive, logistics, food, dietary supplements, office services, car rental,

commercial real estate, non-profit, etc. His expertise in warehousing, cold storage, executive recruitment and

assessment, outside director services and mergers/acquisitions is exceptional.

During his earlier career, Dan worked directly for Ford Motor, Chrysler, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Americold. He has

participated on the boards of Mitsubishi subsidiaries, URS, Inc., Americold, Thione International, Madison Grey

Holdings, The National Commission Against Drunk Driving, Anitox (PE held), Express Delivers, Inc. (PE held) and

others. He actively consults directly and through GLG Research and as a member of GLG’s Educator program. He

has also taught at various colleges across the US.

Dan received his MBA from Michigan State’s Executive Management Program in 1979.

Mr. McNamara is available for challenging assignments anywhere in the world.

Executive Coaching